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Hey guise! I’ve decided to transfer to a new blog because of certain reasons.

You don’t have to, but you can follow me on my new one if you want.

And also, please unfollow this one. c: I wouldn’t want to bother you guys with a dead blog.

My new one is called hobakjeon.

Thank you!


San Juan Capistrano



Hey guys!
I recently went to a mission, a famous one, called San Juan Capistrano.
Some of you may know it, some of you may not.
If you don’t know, well, it was a church that the Europeans built to work with the Native Americans when they came to California.
It’s really cool there, and I’ve been going there ever since I was in second grade.
When I went there again, I saw that they built new rooms for new things. For those of you who live in SoCal, you should definitely check it out.
So here are some of the pictures that my father and I took. We couldn’t waste this quality time to take some pictures, could we?
Although you can tell that I’m not really good at taking pictures (but my dad is), I hope you like them anyway!

Summer 2012.

Sorry again guys, I haven’t posted in a super long time. I guess I just forgot. But I have updated everything in my blog today, from the theme all the way to the “About Me” Page.

Okay, so, on to summer 2012.

For you guys, I guess it’s getting a group of your friends together and going to an amusement park, or the “Happiest Place On Earth,” Disneyland.

Well, then you’re lucky. I’m going to be a little stereotypical here, but it’s true for me and most of my Asian friends. Asian parents naturally expect stuff from you. Like, a lot.

I’ve been solving a Geometry workbook and reading Robinson Crusoe (because my parents said I need to find the words I didn’t know in the dictionary and memorize them) for the past two months. And a few days ago, my father borrowed several classic novels from the library for me. It’s not exactly hard, it’s just that it’s very tiring, and you get sick of looking at the dull, black and grey pages every day for a few hours.

You may say, “Oh, well, all you Asians are smart so it should be a piece of cake for you.” I assure you not. In my opinion, I’m just average. And to tell you, being “smart” isn’t really fun. People require more from you then.

Others may say, “Well, it’s only three hours, Michelle. Suck it up.” But for me, this summer has been a lucky one. My past summers have been worse.

And yes, by worse, I mean sitting in the same room with the same teacher in the same academy building with the same workbook from 7 a.m until 6 p.m. And yes, it is very annoying and it just drives me up the wall.

I can tell you, having to control ADHD, tic, and OCD for a several hours (which seems like forever), sitting in the same chair, is a torture. Some of you may know how I feel.

So here I am, sincerely hoping your summers were much better than mine. Why? Because for several of you out there, you may think all these tasks I did are impossible. I guarantee you, they are possible. Just hard.

But I guess these will all help in time. So remember; don’t forget that if you don’t do something early, you might regret it in the future.

Maybe I’ll thank my parents when I grow up. Who knows?



Graduation – Promotion Dance 2012

Sorry guys, I haven’t posted something in awhile. I was busy with my graduation stuff and going on Tumblr. Also, I haven’t had a topic, so I had no idea what to write. I guess I have a little to write about right now – my promotion dance.

Some of you may know I’m in eighth grade, since I’m only thirteen. I’m a type of girl who dresses like a guy, plays games all day long, hates shopping, dresses, and skirts. I never enjoyed participating in school activities, like when people come over to our school and plan “fun” things for us. While the other kids were playing Sack Run, Tug of War, or things like that, I just stood by, watching. Pathetic, I know. But I thought it was pretty embarrassing. I still do.

So, when the time for the eighth grade promotion dance came, I thought, “Oh, I shouldn’t go. I’ve never been to a dance, and I never will.” But eventually, my mom bought a dress for me and forced me to go. I had groaned, and gotten angry. I was pretty sure it was going to be the worst day ever. Boy, was I wrong.

The dance was filled with every fun things a studious, stressed out eighth grader could wish for. Dancing (though I suck), eating, hanging out.. they even had a truck filled with video games. Yes, I did say video games. Wii games, especially. Yeah. The boys loved that. And so did I. I mean, who wouldn’t love games? Not you? No?

Anyways, I think that was the best day ever in the history of my eighth grade life. I couldn’t have wished for anything better.

Now, my official graduation is next Friday. After that, I’ll be a freshman. After that.. college. I’ll be a legal adult in only four years. Isn’t that crazy?

High school, here we come!

The one thing I realize about boys…

Okay, so there’s this really, incredibly weird kid at my school. More specifically, a very hyper boy. Well, during class anyway (I’ll explain what I mean). This boy, his best friend, and I have first period P.E. and second period Science together. And I don’t get along very well with this boy (I won’t say their names due to safety). He always bothers other girls and boys, sometimes annoying, and does disturbing things.

Now that I’ve explained to you about this boy, and how he acts during class, I’ll explain to you another side of him. Yes, I said another side.

The story? Well, I happened to be at the bank today with my mom, because I didn’t want to let her go by herself, and leave me home by myself.

So we got in line, and we were waiting for our turn. Then I heard a familiar voice behind me. It was that boy!

I deliberately didn’t look at him, but I suppose he saw me. Not a good sign. Fortunately, he didn’t make small talk (or a big talk, whatever).

And I unintentionally realized.. he was very calm. I mean, really. Literally, whispering with his dad and waiting in line quietly, and standing still. Crazy, right? That’s what I thought.

The even more crazy thing?

His best friend is a the most silentest, most quietest guy I’ve ever seen in my entire life. He never talks during class; I believe today was the first time I ever his voice clearly (if clearly means whispering, but still with clarity). And I also happen to know that behind his back, a lot of girls like him for his “good looks.” In my opinion, he isn’t really so “hot,” as the other girls say. Personality is the thing that counts, right? I prefer more outgoing, cheerful, positive, and talkative guys, truthfully. Not that that means anything. Anyways, he whispers when he talks, never talks when isn’t asked to, never joins in when the kids are talking over the teacher, nothing. He isn’t either a good student, nor a bad one, in my point of view.

So, back to the hyper boy. I was kind of amazed they were best friends, since their personalities differ so much. I mean, most people make friends that have something in common so they can relate to each other, correct? So I’m not making any connection here.

I know all boys aren’t like this; no, I don’t mean offense to any one of you out there.

But I’m just curious how boys exactly think. I’m sure you boys out there wonder how girls think, too. Everyone does. And often misunderstand each other. That’s always a bad thing.

Anyways, I wanted to share this little tidbit with you, since I am, honestly, a curious person.

I’ll post more later, so come back soon!

Being Recruited as a Writer For an Internet Newspaper

Hey, everyone! I have great news (well, for me anyway)!

I’ve been recruited as a writer for a to-be Internet newspaper.

My dad and other writers desperately needed an English Korean pop loving writer in their newspaper, but they couldn’t find any.

However, I happen to be running a K-pop blog, other than this one (for those of you who didn’t know, the link is here.

When my dad remembered about it and me, he told the other writers there about my blog, and showed it to them; they were very impressed, considering that I’m only thirteen years old. Nifty, eh?

So, apparently I’m part of a newspaper now.. so when I write something, I’ll definitely put up a link, so I’ll be expecting you guys to read everything! Thanks for all your support, guys!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone! Today is the glorious day of Jesus’ resurrection! “On the third day, he rose again in fulfillment of the Scriptures..”

Usually, I break my Lenten sacrifice. I know, I’m bad.

But this year, I have held to my promise, and didn’t go on Twitter for forty days. That’s an accomplishment for me, eh?

Did all of you that are Christian/Catholic hold true to your sacrifice? What did you guys give up?

Meanwhile.. alleluia! The Lord has risen! 🙂

The Hunger Games: Katniss’s Mockingjay Pin

With the Hunger Games trilogy’s popularity soaring and the movie coming out soon, everyone’s dying to get Katniss’s Mockingjay pin. However, you can either get it for almost $30 with the box set including the pin, or you can get it for $24.95 on the Internet. Some people buy replicas, because it is much cheaper. I recently became a fan of the Hunger Games, and I as well want the mockingjay pin. But I guess it’s just too expensive.. Surely my parents will not buy it for me. But I wish I can have one.
Anyways, if you got a pin, I hope you really enjoy the movie! I’m hoping to go see it with my best friend. I’m sure it will be great, just as the books were!

Tobymac: City on Our Knees

My life has been has been filled with ups and downs. When I was in elementary, I was never accepted anywhere. I was always alone, without friends at school, or teachers supporting me. I always played by myself. Nobody saw me as a person. I always switched schools every two years, so I never fit it… Until I went to one school that changed my life.

I moved once again, this time to a new city. I was surprised; we never moved to another city, just schools and houses. I was afraid of what might be different, of the kids that will be at my future school, a new environment.. everything. My parents told me then, that I was going to a Catholic school called Saint Margaret Mary. I wasn’t really sure; I’d never really went to a Catholic school, and I was very scared of what might await me there. My parents and I visited during summer break, and we looked around. They were satisfied; I still wasn’t sure. But when I saw a kid, who would later turn out to be in my class, was helping a teacher I would soon love set up the room, smiling. Then my mind began to think that, “Gee, this might not be so bad.”

Summer vacation ended; I was packed up and ready to go. Most of all, I was anticipating my very first day at that school.

… The day passed by more quickly than I thought. It had been the best school day of my life. I made the very first and most special best friend of my life. I met people I now come to call my brothers and sisters.

And I just wanted to share this song because my friends and I would sit in class, listening and singing along to this song, and working together. And one the lines reminded me of the days I was still in that school, and the last day of seventh grade when I transferred to another school yet again and remembering them: “Tonight could last forever, we are one choice from together, tonight could last forever. Oooh, tonight could last forever, we are one choice from together! Family.. We’re family.. Tonight could last forever! We are one choice from together! You and me, you and me!”

I hope you like this song!

Chris Tomlin: Your Grace is Enough

I’m Catholic, and I recently went on a retreat with my church junior friends (or brothers and sisters, you can say) and some other close church called KMCC to Big Bears. We praised God, ate together, had mass together.. and that really brought us together, even with our hard-working teachers. I’d like to thank God for giving me such friends, and that I got time to be away from society and “pause” (our theme was “the Pause” which is implying that we will pause in our stressful life and take some time to worship Him). Our prayer motto was “Be still and know that I am God,” Psalms 46:10, and I really liked that one. I hope I can get closer to God, and that everyone else can, too.